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  1. Create an Account:
    • To post your ad, you first need to create an account on our platform.
  2. Navigate to Post Ad:
    • Once logged in, locate the “Post Ad“. This is found in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Fill Out the Form:
    • Fill in the necessary details for your ad. Include information such as the title, description, category, price, and contact information.
  4. Preview Listing:
    • Before finalizing, take advantage of the “Preview” option to see how your ad will appear to others.
    • Review the details and make sure everything looks accurate.
  5. Post Your Ad:
    • If you’re satisfied with the preview, proceed to post your ad.
    • Your ad should now be visible to other users browsing the platform.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your ad up and running in no time!